ErgoPro Workstation Assessment System

About ErgoPro

ErgoPro is an online DSE workstation training and risk assessment system complete with administration, reporting and automated follow-ups.

If you've been asked to complete an assessment by your employer, please click here to log in, or click here for an introduction aimed at employees.

Main Features

  • DSE workstation and associated risk assessments:
    • DSE Agile Working
    • DSE Flexible Working (Hybrid Working)
    • DSE Home Working
    • DSE Office Working
    • Manual Handling
    • New & Expectant Mothers
    • Portable Appliance Testing
    • Wellbeing (stress risk)
  • DSE training and information guidance
  • Admin portal with reporting suite
  • Automated follow-ups to common workstation issues
  • Workstation health and safety training library
DSE Assessment Importance of Taking Breaks

A Unique Set of DSE Workstation Risk Assessment Tools

ErgoPro provides you with a unique set of tools that will reduce the resource and cost associated with administering your DSE risk assessment and compliance programme.

A complete end to end service is also available:

  • Assessment questions and training content tailored to your own working environment
  • Bespoke solutions and advice from a network of qualified Ergonomists
  • Follow-up Ergonomic and Physio services
  • Please contact us for more information or to speak to one of our advisors
DSE Assessment Screen Height

Risk Assessment Modules

DSE Agile Working

Agile working DSE assessment module for people without a fixed work location. The module covers working from home, at client premises and on the road including driver risk aspects. Also suitable for digital nomads.

DSE Flexible Working (Hybrid Working)

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training and risk assessment module for flexible, hybrid working from an office, home, on the road, or a combination of working arrangements.

DSE Home Working

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training and risk assessment module for home workers.

DSE Office Working

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) training and risk assessment module for office workers.

Manual Handling

Manual handling basic risk training and risk assessment module.

New & Expectant Mothers

A risk assessment module designed to identify any potential hazards for new and expectant mothers in the workplace.

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) visual self-assessment. Guides staff through the main electrical appliance risks and a visual inspection. Identifies where a full PAT test by a qualified PAT tester may be necessary.


Wellbeing (stress risk) assessment designed to identify areas of the business where risk factors highlight a need for coaching, management change or staff wellbeing strategy implementation. Results are not identifiable at individual level. Please run the Wellbeing Findings Report to view outcomes.

DSE Assessment Topics Covered

The DSE Office Working assessment covers the following topics:

DSE Office Working
  • Introduction - About this assessment
  • About Your Work - More information
  • Visual & Musculoskeletal
    • The Main Risks
    • Mental Stress & Anxiety
    • Visual Problems
    • Avoiding Musculoskeletal Problems
  • Work Routine
    • Taking Breaks
  • Desk
    • Good Working Posture
    • Good Sitting Posture
  • Chair
    • Adjusting Your Chair
  • Software
  • Visual Display Screens
    • Viewing Your Screen
    • Screen Height
    • Multiple Screens
    • Glare & Reflection
    • Laptops
  • Keyboard & Input Devices
  • Working Environment
DSE Home Working

The DSE Home Working assessment covers the following topics in addition to the topics covered in the DSE Office Working assessment (which are tailored to the home working environment):

  • Manual Handling
  • Equipment & Electrical Safety
  • Keeping In Touch
  • First Aid & Accident Reporting
DSE Agile Working

The Agile Working assessment covers the folling topics in addition to the topics covered in the DSE Home Working assessment:

  • Driving
    • About Your Driving
    • Driving Risks
    • In Car Laptop Use
    • Driver's Seat
DSE Flexible Working (Hybrid Working)

The DSE Flxible Working module covers the topics contained within the DSE Office, DSE Home and DSE Agile Working assessments. The training content and risk assessment questions are displayed based on the person's work model, so people only need to engage in the topics that apply to them.