We’ve nearly DSE assessed everyone now. Without ErgoPro it would have been 10 times harder.


I have used the system for about twenty months and it has proved a revelation the system has allowed me to control the risk of WRULD within a higher risk office environment.


Previously my company used trained assessors appointed from within their own department and some of these appointed assessors provided competent assessments, but many in my own eyes failed to correctly assess all the hazards associated with intense VDU usage. Therefore with much trepidation I decided to look for a suitable DSE assessment tool, in my opinion ErgoPro is the system that suits the needs of my company best and helps to maintain a workforce in productive good health.


The team behind ErgoPro helped me to bespoke the system to fit this particular environment and the feedback it gives to both the user and myself regarding each individual assessment is I believe superior to other systems in the market place.


This allows rapid intervention when health concerns dictate, the system is also very cost effective. I would highly recommend it to any company looking to invest in an online DSE assessment tool.


Many thanks for your help on this I really appreciated the great service you and your team supply.


The layout and interaction of the system is really good. The questions and associated information are very clear and easy to follow. I liked the bar at the top which gives a really clear indication of how far you have got on the assessment / how much you have left to complete. Sometimes assessments can feel never-ending so this was a nice feature. The additional ‘info’ associated with some questions is simple and straight to the point – I found it really useful. I particularly like the guidance documentation – these are not over complicated but give enough information (they help rather than bombard!). I like it! The system is easy to use and it’s very easy to allocate assessments to people (who, as I have learnt first-hand, get regular emailed reminders to complete).