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The Health & Safety Executive requires your employer to ensure your health and safety whilst at your workstation. This includes office based, home based and flexible working environments.

ErgoPro is an online training and risk assessment system. ErgoPro helps your employer set up and distribute training and risk assessments to ensure your wellbeing whilst using your workstation equipment. Here's how it works:

  • You will receive an email asking you to log in to ErgoPro and complete a workstation assessment.
  • The assessment will help you to understand the needs and risks involved when working from a fixed or varied location. It will also provide you with the correct information and training needed to safely set up your workstation.
  • The assessment only takes 10-15 minutes to complete and you can come back to it later if you get interrupted.
  • If you don't complete the training and assessment straight away, you will automatically get reminders to do so. So it's best to get it done as soon as possible.
  • If there are any issues raised during the assessment, you will receive additional information which is designed by ergonomic experts to help you resolve them. You'll need to read this information and then confirm whether or not the issues are resolved. 
  • Any issues that cannot be resolved this way, or more serious issues such as aches and pains will be flagged up to the relevant person in your organisation. This is usually someone from HR or Health & Safety. They will work with you personally to resolve any remaining issues. This may involve bringing in an ergonomic expert to review your workstation setup including desk and chair, or the supply of new equipment better suited to your needs.

The assessment forms part of your organisation's wellbeing, health and safety programme. It will need to be revisited periodically, usually every one or two years, or if there is a material change to your workstation (e.g. you relocate to a new working space).

If you have any queries about the assessment or your workstation in general, please contact the relevant person in your organisation, whose details will be shown at the bottom of your assessment email when you receive it.

The focus of the assessment is the individual risk and to identify any follow-up actions required. The assessment therefore results in follow-up information being sent to the DSE user where required. Any more serious issues are immediately flagged for follow-up by the systems administrator/s. You cannot pass or fail the assessment and therefore no certificate is required. The ErgoPro Admin Portal keeps a record of assessments for audit purposes.

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Yes, the system including the follow-up solution PDF documents can all be branded.

The ErgoPro system comes with a suite of 15 reports which cover most reporting requirements. We can also install bespoke reports if you have specific requirements.

Yes, the question wordings can be tailored to suit your own DSE working environment. Questions can be updated or removed, new questions added. Automated follow-up actions can be applied to any of the questions (e.g. send a document, flag for follow-up) and can be tailored as well. However, we don't recommend the questions are altered unless it is to tailor them to suit a particular working environment. The ErgoPro question set has been developed by our Ergonomists to comply with the DSE regulations and provide a rigorous risk assessment. In the case of a standard office environment we would recommend sticking with the standard question set.

The follow-up Solutions can also be tailored and branded. Tailoring is usually just to make sure the Solutions are consistent with the organisation's staff manual and working practices. ErgoPro can also automatically send bespoke documents such as eye test policy/vouchers and specific chair adjustment instructions. Once an order is placed for ErgoPro, we can provide PDF or hard copies of the risk assessment screens and follow-up Solutions so that any changes required can be identified as part of preparing the system for go-live.

Changing Your Password When Logged In

From the main menu, click your username (if you are an Admin, click 'User') and select Change Password from the dropdown menu.

On the Manage Your Login page, click Change Password.

Enter your current password, new password and confirm new password.

Click Change Password.

The next time you log in, you will use your new password.

In the case of temporary workers, the responsibility is shared between the organisation and the temp agency.

The DSE regulations do cover this situation in detail, although there is a table in the regs setting out the responsibility of each party. But this does leave some grey areas and the Health & Safety Manager within the organisation would usually make a decision based on what is practical.

Sometimes organisations may come to an arrangement with the temp agency about some aspects (e.g. DSE training).

The organisation is responsible for the workstation assessment but the temp agency should normally provide the training about DSE risks.

ErgoPro provides the risk assessment and the training at the same time.

Also, in practice, the organisation tends to provide the DSE training because they are the ones providing the equipment for use. But this may not always be the case, for instance if the temporary staff bring their own equipment (e.g. auditors with own laptops). The period of time that the temp is working in the organisation is also relevant because it may not be practical to provide training and risk assessment if the temp is only there for a very short period.

The temp agency would normally provide the eye test.

So in the majority of cases, the organisation will need to provide the risk assessment for a temp.

Privacy Policy

How does ErgoPro use your personal information?

The ErgoPro Privacy Policy describes how your information is kept confidential, under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Please click here to view the ErgoPro Privacy Policy.


ErgoPro Security and Information Privacy Pack

For more information about ErgoPro information security and privacy, download the full pack.

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A licence credit is used for each assessment sent out, so it doesn't matter how many starters and leavers you have. You just need to tally the number of assessments you are likely to carry out on the system. For initial purchase of licence credits, the number of DSE users +10% for starters and leavers is a reasonable guide but you may need to adjust this if you have a high turnover of staff.

Please note this advice doesn't apply to customers on our annual renewal plan which allows unlimited assessments and is based on your total staff numbers. In this case, it's important to keep your staff list up to date in ErgoPro, because leaver are not counted in the licensing.

You can see your credit pack in your Admin Dashboard.