Laptop Kit


The use of most fixed screen/keyboard arrangements such as standard laptops result in poor postures in the neck or upper limbs (and often in both). This is because the screen will be too low, resulting in a bent neck, if the keyboard is at the correct height for the upper limbs or the keyboard will be too high for the upper limbs if the screen is at the correct height for the neck. For this reason, it is important to have a keyboard and screen that can move independently of one another.

There are a number of solutions to improve the use of laptops at work

  • If you have a stand-alone PC or Mac, use this instead of using your laptop.
  • Alternatively, use a docking station so that you can use the existing screen and input devices. Simply plugging the screen and keyboard/mouse directly into your laptop will have the same benefits.
  • Use a laptop kit with a separate keyboard and mouse. This usually comprises of a lightweight laptop screen raiser, keyboard and mouse.
  • Avoid using your laptop for more than an hour a day without a separate screen or keyboard/mouse.

The laptop should be positioned on a laptop stand to ensure the top of the active screen is positioned at eye level.

First published 27/04/2021