Flexible 'Hybrid' Working DSE Assessment Module Now Available


The New ErgoPro Flexible Working DSE assessment module is now available.

The way we work has undergone rapid transformation over the last year, with large segments of the workforce working from home during unprecedented lockdown periods. Staff have had to quickly adapt to changes in where they work. In many cases this has driven new ways of working that are here to stay. Organisations have found remote working to be productive, but it has been very important to stay on top of collaboration, learning and importantly, wellbeing.

In addition, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has expanded its guidance to say that all members of staff should have a DSE assessment both in the home and in the office.

Designed for modern flexible working arrangements, the ErgoPro Hybrid Working module covers DSE training and risk assessment for people working from office and home environments. There are additional sections for those driving for work and working from temporary locations.

The following sections form the Flexible Working DSE Assessment:

  • Introduction
  • About Your Work
  • Working Environment
  • Visual & Musculoskeletal - The Main Risks
  • Visual & Musculoskeletal - Avoiding Musculoskeletal Problems
  • Work Routine - Taking Breaks
  • Desk - Good Working Posture
  • Chair - Adjusting Your Chair
  • Software
  • Visual Display Screens
  • Keyboard & Input Devices
  • Manual Handling
  • Equipment & Electrical Safety for Home Workers
  • Keeping In Touch - First Aid & Accident Reporting
  • Driving
    • About Your Driving
    • Driving Risks
    • In Car Laptop Use
    • Drivers Seat

As with all ErgoPro DSE assessment modules, training content and risk assessment questions can be tailored to suit your own working environment.

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First published 15/05/2021