Mouse Settings


Do you know how to adjust your mouse settings?

You can change the settings on your mouse so that they suit you. To do this:

On a Windows PC go to: Control Panel > Mouse

On a Mac go to: System Preferences > Keyboard & mouse

Here you can change your primary and secondary button configuration. If you are left handed is is important to ensure you use your index finger most of the time so you should change the right sided button to be your primary function control.

You can also change the double click speed, enable ClickLock and change the size and appearance of your pointer.

If you need further help with your input device settings, please contact <%=customer.fields("ITContactName")%>.

Most regular PC users develop good mouse dexterity and so are able to increase the speed of their mouse pointer motion. You should increase this if:

  • you find that you constantly lift your mouse to “reposition” the pointer. This is a bad habit as it loads the upper limb unnecessarily.
  • you use a large screen
  • you use many screens
  • your mouse pad is too small for you

Is your mouse sticky?

This can often be rectified very easily:

  1. Clean your mouse
  2. Ensure you are using your mouse on an appropriate surface such as a mousemat
  3. Check your mouse settings
First published 27/04/2021