Musculoskeletal Problems


DSE users commonly report trouble in the spinal and upper limb areas. They may include aches, pains, tingling or numbness. These are usually due to a variety of factors such as ageing, leisure activities and work.

Regardless of cause, these sorts of problems always respond to treatment best if managed early.

At work it is important to keep to a minimum any risk that may exacerbate problems. Of course, the ideal is to prevent the onset of any musculoskeletal trouble in the first place - that's what workstation assessment is all about.

There’s a simple recipe for avoiding common musculoskeletal problems that are associated with DSE use:

  • Avoid awkward postures
  • Avoid working for long periods without breaking
  • Minimise repetitive movements and excessive force when using the upper limbs

Most health problems known to be associated with DSE use can be avoided by:

  • Good ergonomic design of equipment, the workplace and the job
  • Worker training
  • Good communication.
First published 27/04/2021