Wellbeing Stress Risk Assessment Reports Upgraded


The ErgoPro Wellbeing report has been substantially upgraded to provide more detailed results at a glance.

The Wellbeing Findings Report shows the response count for each answer. It then shows the average response count to identify positive and negative stress outcomes. Questions can be sorted and categorised by Factor.

To protect the privacy of colleagues, individual answers are not revealed and there must be a minimum of 10 responses before you can run the report.

The answers range from 1 (disagree) to 5 (agree). The colour coded dot under each answer shows the positive or negative weighting for that answer. For example, a red dot  under answer 1 (disagree) shows that answer 1 represents a negative stressor. A green dot  under answer 1 (disagree) demonstrates that answer 1 represents a desirable influence.

In the answer columns 1 to 5 you will find the response count, which is number of people who gave that answer. The average column shows the average response count for each question. The average response count is colour coded to show whether the outcome is desirable (green) or represents a negative stressor and requires action (red).

These developments make it a lot easier to identify stress risk trends across business units by factor, and tune your wellbeing strategy.

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First published 07/12/2020